At the beginning there was only an idea, and now we are Dotykačka!

The creation of Dotykačka was preceded by the original idea. At the beginning of 2014, three friends attempted to find the best way to reliably monitor sales at an ice cream stand. The idea was not limited to ice cream for long, as the application soon began to grow into other types of businesses. From the original simple application, it has become the most widely used POS system operating on the Android platform in the Czech Republic.


In the spring of 2015, the purely Czech investment group Redwood Capital joined Dotykačka s.r.o., and the company began to dynamically grow in all areas. Currently, over 100 people work for Dotykačka.


The Dotykačka application has been translated into 12 world languages including Polish. To date, over 42,000 users worldwide have downloaded it onto their device from GooglePlay, and this number continues to grow.


25 November 2016 the company Dotykačka won the prestigious Czech 100 Best in the category of Information and Communication Technology.


At the beginning of 2017, Dotykačka become the most acclaimed EET POS system through official certifications and evaluations provided by experts.


As of 1 March 2017, we successfully managed the 2nd phase of ERS in the Czech Republic and we gained thousands of satisfied customers from retail, restaurants, accommodation and services. Dotykačka officially became one of the two most significant suppliers of EET cash registers on the market.


 In May 2017 we made the decision to enter the Polish market for POS systems, and in August 2017 the first branch of Dotykačka in Warsaw was launched.


 During July 2017 we took over almost one thousand customers from the company E.E.T. One that became insolvent and turned off its cash register application for its customers overnight.


 On September 1st, 2017, One Pub, the gastronomic specialist and provider of the application Rychlá pokladna, joined the original Dotykačka company and the new company Dotykačka ČR s.r.o. was founded. Thus the company now serves 12,000 POS application users and has boosted its leading position on the market for ERS cash registers.


 We are now ready to provide ERS cash registers to manufacturers, stallholders, craftsmen and service providers who need to record revenue beginning March 1st and June 1st, 2018.


Dotykačka helps entrepreneurs and companies to conduct their business more simply, more efficiently and transparently.


Dotykačka becomes the world’s most widely used provider of POS systems operating on the Android platform.


Dotykačka provides all entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses looking for an effective business management tool with a reliable and intuitive POS system, which will help them increase profits and conduct their business transparently.


Reliability ► Speed ► Flexibility ► Quality ► Professionalism ► Simplicity

Our key knowledge, experience and skills

The employees of Dotykačka have all the necessary knowledge and skills so our POS system can achieve success both on the domestic market and during the expansion abroad. Our main advantages in comparison with our competitors are the support of the powerful investment group Redwood Capital and its know-how in the area of finance and business, our own in-house development team, customer-oriented approach, high-quality customer support and strong brand.

“Thanks to our skilled development and marketing teams we are able to act fast and flexibly to accommodate our customers’ needs and frequent legislative modifications” Petr Menclík, CEO

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Get familiar with our management!

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Petr Menclík


Pavel Friedrich

Managing Director

Tomáš Hardt

Managing Director
Bohuslav Ondřej_pl_web_fin

Ondřej Bohuslav

Director of IT and Development

Petr Hulec

Director of Sales

Martin Jonáš

Director of Customer Support
Sehnal Rudolf_pl_web

Rudolf Sehnal

Director of Marketing and PR

Michal Wantulok

External Communication Manager