List of advantages

High-quality hardware

The hardware of the Dotykačka POS system is composed of high-quality parts. Durable to the touchscreen cash registers that are tailored to the systems’ needs and include printers, weighing machines, barcode readers, payment terminals and other accessories from verified suppliers. By using this approach, we want to guarantee to our customers that the POS system will have a long lifetime and durability in unfavorable operating conditions.

Thousands of items

Dotykačka is able to reliably handle thousands of items – products that can be sorted into an unlimited number of categories. We have customers managing about 10,000 products in the application, our gastronomic customers have hundreds of items on average and our retail customers have thousands of products in the application. You can display the items using the tile menu or enter them simply using the price, PLU codes or a barcode reader and sell them immediately.


By the beginning of 2017, the Dotykačka application exceeded 42,000 downloads worldwide. The most Dotykačka installations on Android devices are found in the Czech Republic, Indonesia and Poland followed by Germany, USA, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam and other countries. The Dotykačka application has several thousand active and used installations.


Each day, including weekends, we are ready on the phone to answer questions from our customers and resolve their problems. In addition to the phone support, our customers can also contact us using the technical support pages where they can enter their issues via an online form.

10,000 active users in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic we have thousands of customers running the application Dotykačka on our reliable device, and further thousands of active users running the application on their own devices equipped with the Android operating system.

A reliable POS system

Dotykačka has a wide variety of functions and accessories, an unlimited number of users and thousands of transactions and items in stock. It has special functions for gastronomic establishments, sales booths, outlets and accommodation facilities. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Continuous operation even during internet outages

An internet connection is very important for the proper functioning of Dotykačka and data backups. However, the POS system is fully functional even during temporary connection outages. When the connection is restored, the data is synchronized again.