Certification of the Dotykačka POS system

Dotykačka is a “Fair cash register for businessman”!


According to a survey about the assumed attributes of POS systems for the electronic records of sales, the Czech Chamber of Commerce performed testing on these devices. The successfully tested systems then receive the label of Fair cash register for businessman.
In addition to other attributes, the testing contains a verification of the connectivity to the server of the Ministry of Finance via a stable internet connection and an analysis of whether the data sent for monitoring does not contain any hidden operations in the background that could damage the business. The Chamber of Commerce also verifies the manner and complexity of the installation of the authentication certificate and the compatibility of other accessories with the registration cash register (e.g. EAN code readers, payment terminal or printer for receipts).


Dotykačka was one of the first to pass the test!

The company TAYLLOR&COX is a certification authority RCB (Registered Certification Body) that provides professional services in the area of audit, consulting, career development and personal certifications. According to the performed testing of the Dotykačka POS system done by the lab of Tayllor Cox Cyber Lab s.r.o. on 12/20/2016, we received the following certificates:


  • Electronic records of sales (in accordance with requirements given in Act No. 112/2016 Coll.)
  • Cybernetic security (in accordance with requirements given in Act No. 181/2014 Coll.)
  • Personal information protection (in accordance with requirements given in Act No. 101/2000 Coll.).