Dotykačka in the Czech Republic

Dotykačka, which offers POS systems for small and medium-sized companies, originated from a dynamically growing start-up in 2015 and during the 1st and 2nd phase of the electronic records of sales in the Czech Republic, reached almost 10,000 users among Czech businesses. By achieving this result the company has confirmed its second place on the domestic market. The aim of the company was to keep about a 10% share of total sales of ERS registers that was reached during the first phase of the electronic records of sales. This mission was accomplished and the company attracted more than 10,000 customers in total during the 1st and 2nd ERS phases. And the sales continued in the following months. In addition to the Czech Republic, the company has thousands of customers in foreign markets. The TouchPo application has been downloaded from Google Play by more than 45 thousands of users worldwide.
Prior to the start of the 2nd phase of the electronic records of sales on 1st March 2017, mobile solutions were preferred. Until then, the demand was distributed evenly and all cash register solutions were sold, from the easiest mobile cash registers with a small printer to big touch cash registers with a complete set of accessories (barcode reader, weighing machine, customer display, cash register drawer). The breaking point came by the end of February when the demand for mobile solutions dramatically increased. Total sales reached several hundreds of pieces per day, while the growth in demand corresponded with the growth in requests for authentication information.Dotykacka, s.r.o.
At present the company belongs among the group of the leading providers of POS systems on the market. Its successful business application based on the Android platform is a fully functional substitute for a complicated and expensive computer POS system and provides small and medium-sized businesses with a complex solution meeting the legal obligation of recording sales at the same time. In the Czech Republic, Dotykačka s.r.o. has about 60 employees and serves about 5,000 active users. The TouchPo application has been downloaded by more than 40 thousand users to their devices worldwide – mostly in the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Poland, Germany and other countries. The company has a commercial presence throughout the entire Czech Republic and operates a modern showroom in Prague. In 2016, the company entered into the Czech 100 Best competition. It was awarded in the category of Information and Communication technology. TouchPo devices are certified for cybernetic security and personal information protection. In 2017 the company also received the Fair cash register for businessman label given by the Czech Chamber of Commerce after testing.